Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Wildwater C-2s For Sale

For Sale: Two Wildwater C-2s (Posted - January 10, 2011)
Shiro by RK. Best boats in U.S. and the world. Color-Orange Deck Natural Hull. Composite Construction – High Strength Race Lay-ups. Used but brand new condition. Metal Skegs. Boat "A" has outfitting (by Czech Team) with minor hull scratches. Boat "B" has seats and hip pads only and minor repair to back deck/wing. Boats bags for each. Boats located in Bellingham WA.

These both are $2K+ boats if you go out to get one in Europe! Serious C2 teams only… not for resale for higher price…

$1400 each, $2600 for both. Will give $200 rebate to C2 team who purchases both and are able to paddle a verified 5 min 12 sec 1000m time trial and/or finish within 10% of Mens K1 Classic at Nationals! Good Luck - at least you will have the best boats in the country to try with!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nationals on the Skagit.

Rich and I placed 2nd Overall in C-2 at Wildwater Nationals, 2nd in the sprints, and 1st in the Classic. The Classic was our best performance yet. 9.96% off the Men's Kayak winning time. This is the fastest C-2 percentage at a Nationals in at least 10 years.

On Saturday, we had an "eddie out" in the first of two runs in the Sprints. On Sunday in the Classic, we won the class by 27 seconds in a 13 minute race. It was not enough to overcome the percentage deficit from the sprint.

The Popp brothers had fast (12% off the M K-1), consistent sprint runs. We were truly impressed by these runs. We are also very happy to see some youth in the class. The guys are very solid in the big whitewater of the Skagit.

Local Exposure

The Bellingham Herald gave us some great coverage.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last few days before Skagit Nationals

Rich and I are tapering for the races this weekend. We paddled last Saturday with the river at almost 7000 cfs, and again today at 6300. We are getting a little bounced around, but mostly staying on our lines. Our practice times are a little slower that Tom Wier's, but not much. Paddler's from Georgia, Pennsylvania, California and West Virgina have arrived. It is starting to feel like a National Championship!

Friday, July 9, 2010

High Water Skagit Runs

Today, Tom Wier, Greg Dutton, Rich and I ran the Skagit "S" Bends, the site of the 2010 Wildwater Nationals course at very high water. It was about 8,500 cfs. The probable flow in 3 weeks for Nationals should be about 3000. The run was fast, wild, pushy and fun! The wave trains on the first two drops had high peaks with many diagonal curlers coming off them. We did a few redirects when the boat was on the crest. It was good to get on the course when it was most challenging. This builds confidence for our future runs at normal (2700-4000) water levels. Only three more weeks. We will do some class II work outs on the Nooksack, and some 1000 meter work outs in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 1000m Time Trial

Rich and I pulled a 5 minute 20 second 1000 meter time trial today. It is within 8 seconds or 2.6 % of our personal best which was set last year. The boat felt smooth and fast. We are feeling fairly healthy. I have a few issues with my left knee, but other than that, all looks well going into the last 5 weeks to Nationals.