Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Wildwater C-2s For Sale

For Sale: Two Wildwater C-2s (Posted - January 10, 2011)
Shiro by RK. Best boats in U.S. and the world. Color-Orange Deck Natural Hull. Composite Construction – High Strength Race Lay-ups. Used but brand new condition. Metal Skegs. Boat "A" has outfitting (by Czech Team) with minor hull scratches. Boat "B" has seats and hip pads only and minor repair to back deck/wing. Boats bags for each. Boats located in Bellingham WA.

These both are $2K+ boats if you go out to get one in Europe! Serious C2 teams only… not for resale for higher price…

$1400 each, $2600 for both. Will give $200 rebate to C2 team who purchases both and are able to paddle a verified 5 min 12 sec 1000m time trial and/or finish within 10% of Mens K1 Classic at Nationals! Good Luck - at least you will have the best boats in the country to try with!

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